A lifelong love of flowers

From a very young age, our Managing Director, Jilly Mattley has fostered a love of flowers. She fondly remembers collecting rose petals to make perfume and being intoxicated by the heady aroma from the armfuls of roses she gathered and bundled in paper to proudly present to her adoring grandmother.


Work and pleasure combined

This passion for flowers and their beauty is one which continues to permeate every aspect of Jilly’s life and to inspire her work. After setting up a small Christmas decorating service, Jilly was asked by a client in 2007 to include fresh flowers in her design – and the rest is history.


Purveyor of the finest flowers

Jilly is now well-established to her exclusive client base as the ‘go-to’ provider for Christmas decoration services and flowers for all occasions. Working in both the personal and corporate sectors in Kensington, Chelsea, rural Oxfordshire and beyond, her journey takes her full circle to a business which surrounds her with the enchanting fragrances that formed so many happy childhood memories.